The Recycling Experts® specializing in paper, cardboard, metal and plastic recycling throughout Michigan. Print

billboardsignThe Recycling Experts® is a group of professionals who specialize in various aspects of Recycling. Collectively, we have over a century worth of experience in the recycling and waste industries. We specialize in all types of paper, metals, cardboard, plastics and e-waste. We have come together to make recycling easy. We handle removal, collection and recovery of commercial, industrial, office and residential recyclables. Many of our customers that we service are ISO Certified. Our goal is to provide cost efficient, professional recycling services that present significant value for our customers, and insure compliance with all regulatory requirements, and benefit the environment.

We have an expert who will train groups on what can and cannot be recycled.

This is particularly helpful for cities, schools, municipalities and non-profit groups.

In addition, we have developed special programs for our clients and can provide equipment, equipment repairs as well as bale wire at significant savings.  While Michigan is our home base, we provide recycling services everywhere in the continental U.S.  We market materials to Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Far East. We also handle recycling programs in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, Nebraska, and New York.   The cities that our Experts service on a vast scale are Chicago, Milwaukee and Toronto.

We can help you with your recycling program. Contact the Recycling Experts today!