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RECY-CLEAN and RECYCLE HERE are our Residential Experts.

recycleanOur City of Detroit recycling Drop-Off program is one of the most inclusive in the state. Providing a green home for all of your residential glass, paper, household metals, plastic #1 - #7 (click here for plastic definitions), aseptic, grocery bags, and styrofoam. We also bring the recycling center to various neighborhoods throughout Detroit in order to service the citizens more efficiently.

Our Create-Your-Own-Curbside program for multi-family and apartment buildings allows tenants access to a recycling center in their own building. For the developer trying to give suburban amenities in their loft and condo projects or for those just trying to do the right thing, the Create-Your-Own-Curbside program is the answer you are looking for.


Recycling Details for the Recycler!

Newspaper: The inserts can be left inside.  If it comes in a newspaper, it can be recycled with the newspaper.  Some of the things recycled newspapers can be made into are: Newsprint, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, telephone books, tissues, paper towel, and insulation. 

Mixed paper: This category includes white and colored paper, envelopes, junk mail, folders, construction paper, and card stock.  Items that CAN NOT be recycled are:  tissue paper, receipts, napkins, wrapping paper, and paper towel. For every ton of paper that is recycled, 17 trees are saved from being cut down.

Glossy Paper:This category includes magazines, flyer's, and catalogs.  Glossy paper differs from other papers because it has a heavy clay coating and must be processed differently. 

Books: This category includes bound, hardcover, soft cover, and phone books.  Magazines should not be mixed in with books, and should be placed with glossy paper.  Rather than recycling your books, many libraries, used book stores, and Salvation Army's will accept your used books.

Cardboard & Chipboard: This category includes corrugated cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, Kleenex boxes, and paper grocery bags.  We CAN NOT accept chipboard that is dirty with food such as paper plates, donut boxes, etc.

curbside2Glass: Glass must be separated into clear, brown, and green.  Any other colors, such as blue or red glass, should be put in with the green glass.  Labels and tops can be left on the glass, although metal tops can be recycled with the metal.  Glass composites such as Plexiglas can not be recycled.  Most of the glass we recycle is pulverized and used in road construction.

All Metals: Metals of all different kinds can be sorted together.  This includes steel, iron and aluminum cans.  Please make sure that your containers are rinsed.  Labels do not have to be removed.  Crushing cans will help save on space.  Aluminum is 100% recyclable, which means none of the material is lost in the recycling process.  Every time one aluminum can is recycled, enough energy is saved to power a television for about three hours (compared to mining and manufacturing a new can).